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Profino Revolution Plus Programmable Head Unit (6711). 4 inputs: FM, BIII/DAB, 2xUHF. Gain: 35dB(FM), 35dB(VHF), 70dB (UHF). Output level: 105 (with 15 MUX). You can configure up to 15 filters from 1 to 6 adjacent channels. Fine filtering adjustment per channel.

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The Profino Revolution Plus from Johansson is an easy-to-use programmable control panel and terrestrial signal converter. The module optimizes VHF/UHF and FM terrestrial signals from various inputs to provide you with high quality images on your TV. The latest in programmable control panels with no equivalent on the market thanks to its revolutionary technology. 4 inputs: FM, BIII/DAB, 2xUHF Gain: 35dB(FM), 35dB(VHF), 70dB (UHF) Output level: 105 (with 15 MUX) You can configure up to 15 filters from 1 to 6 adjacent channels Fine filtering adjustment per channel Complies with RED standard (European quality standard) Characteristics: Input signal level reading: no field meter needed. Can process 30 channels Can convert a wide selection of channels The most selective filters on the market (50 dB to adjacent channels) Real-time CAG on all individual manifolds. Complete flexibility in assigning filters from any input. Each channel can be frequency changed to any other in the VHF or UHF band (Flexible Matrix) To prevent unauthorized persons from changing the configuration, all programmable panels can be locked using a security code. Made in Europe, for worldwide applications. 4 inputs: FM / DAB/VHF / 2x UHF / 30 channels (15 filters) / AGC / remote power supply 12-24 V Product Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 165mm x 217mm x 59mm Applications: The Profino Revolution Plus can be used to provide high-quality television images and FM signals in a wide variety of projects, both in the residential and hospitality markets. Typical buildings or infrastructure where the Profino Revolution Plus can be used include, but are not limited to: Large and small hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, holiday parks. Hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, boarding houses. Large and small residential buildings. Package content: 1 x Profino Revolution Plus (ref. 6711) 1 x Power Cable (180cm) Specifications Inputs: 1 FM + 1 DAB/VHF + 2 UHF Outputs: 1 main test port (FM-DAB-VHF-UHF) + 1 (-30dB) MHz frequency range MHz: FM: 88 - 108 VHF: 174 - 240 UHF: 470 - 862 LTE Megahertz Protection Automatic selection: 694, 790 or OFF Input level dBµV FM: 37 - 77, VHF: 45* - 109, UHF: 45* - 109 FM output power dBµV 113 (60dB/IM3) VHF / UHF Output Power 115 (60dB/IM3) 126 (35dB/IM3) 108 (with 1 MUX), 105 (with 15 MUX) 30 (15 filters), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 MUXes per filter FM dB gain: 35, VHF: >60, UHF: >60 dB FM Gain Adjustment: 20, VHF/UHF: AGC Channel General attenuator dB 20 dB slope adjustment 15 Selectivity dB/1MHz 50 Return loss dB 10 Output MER dB VHF: 35, UHF: 35 Conversion - Yes (from any VHF-UHF channel to any other within the same band) ESD Protection - All Inputs DC @ VHF/UHF input DC Current @ VHF/UHF Input VmA 12 or 24 100 (total for all 3 tickets) SD Port - No Operating temperature ºC -5 to +50 Power supply Power consumption V, 100 - 240, 12W12 Dimensions mm 217 x 165 x 59 Weight kg 0.8