Valectronic Alcala S.L. and "cookies"
Our websites and mobile sites use cookies to provide the user with the best online experience. By using our desktop and mobile websites and accepting this policy, you consent to us using cookies in accordance with these terms.

What is a cookie and how are our websites used?
A cookie is a file that contains a series of data (a sequence of letters and numbers) that are sent by a web server to a web browser and stored by the browser when the user visits the web. The identifier is sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.
Cookies do not contain any information that can personally identify you, but your personal information may be linked to information stored or obtained through cookies.
We can use the information obtained from the use of cookies with the following purposes:
• Recognize the user's equipment when you visit our website
• Improve the use of our website
• Analyze the use of the website
• Customize our website for each user (for example, to show you product recommendations based on your previous purchases)
• Track your browsing on our website and enable the use of certain functionalities (for example, add / remove products from the shopping cart, complete a purchase in the step of completion of such purchase, etc.)
• Remind the user when he returns to our page (for example, if you add products to the order but decide not to complete the purchase on that visit, the reference number of the order is saved in a cookie and can be retrieved at your next visit)
• Show ads on our website on third-party websites based on your browsing activity on our page.
If you want to block or delete cookies from the websites "" or "", or any other website you visit, you can do so through your browser. You will find information about blocking and deleting cookies at the end of this policy.

What type of cookies use our websites?
We use two types of cookies:
• Cookies required for functionality and navigation
These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website and easy navigation of it. For example, they make possible the functionality of the shopping cart and allow the user to stay with the session started while browsing our website. If the user refuses to accept these cookies, this will have an impact on the use of certain functionalities of the same.
• Cookies for analytical, advertising and gathering purposes
The analysis cookies collect general information about how users use our website, for example, the pages that users visit more frequently and if they receive any error message from our website.
The capture and advertising cookies are used to personalize the ads and recommendations that are shown on our website and on the websites of third parties based on their interests. To see personalized ads on third-party websites based on their activity on the network, these cookies may be linked to social networks and their activity on other websites. They also allow advertisers to limit the number of times the same ad is shown to them and evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies are placed by the advertising networks with our prior agreement.
If you decide to delete or block these cookies, it will not reduce the functionality of our website.
Below is a list of the cookies that are used on the websites "" and "", with an explanation of the purpose for which each one of them.

Elimination of cookies
You can also delete the cookies that you have stored on your computer:
• In Internet Explorer, you must manually delete the cookie files (you can consult the instructions for this at
• In Mozilla Firefox, you can delete cookies making sure they will be deleted when you clean your private data (you can modify this setting in the "History" section of the "Privacy" tab of the "Options" dialog box).

Last update: May 2018