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AKB7537560B Original LG TV remote control model AKB75375608 and AKB75095308 (they are the same remote), compatible with the vast majority of LG televisions.

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Some LG TV models that carry this remote are:

Serie MT49S: 24MT49S-PZ, 28MT49S-PZ.

Serie LJ: 32LJ590U, 43LJ594V, 49LJ594V, 32LJ610V, 43LJ614V, 49LJ614V, 55LJ615V, 43LJ624V, 49LJ624V, 55LJ625V.

Serie UJ: 43UJ620V, 49UJ620V, 55UJ620V, 65UJ620V, 43UJ630V, 49UJ630V, 55UJ630V, 60UJ630V, 65UJ630V, 43UJ634V, 49UJ634V, 55UJ634V, 60UJ634V, 65UJ634V, 43UJ635V, 49UJ635V, 55UJ635V, 43UJ6517, 49UJ6517, 43UJ651V, 49UJ651V, 55UJ651V, 60UJ651V, 65UJ651V, 75UJ651V, 43UJ670V, 49UJ670V, 55UJ670V, 65UJ670V, 70UJ675V, 75UJ675V, 55UJ6309.

Serie UK: 65UK6100PLB, 55UK6100PLB, 75UK6200PLB, 60UK6200PLA, 55UK6200PLA, 49UK6200PLA, 43UK6200PLA, 65UK6300PLB, 55UK6300PLB, 50UK6300PLB, 49UK6300PLB, 43UK6300PLB, 65UK6400PLF, 55UK6400PLF, 49UK6400PLF, 43UK6400PLF, 65UK6470PLC, 55UK6470PLC, 50UK6470PLC, 49UK6470PLC, 43UK6470PLC, 86UK6500PLA, 75UK6500PLA, 70UK6500PLB, 65UK6500PLA, 55UK6500PLA, 50UK6500PLA, 43UK6500PLA, 65UK6750PLD, 55UK6750PLD, 50UK6750PLD, 43UK6750PLD.