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Subwoofer speaker with 100 V line transformer and low impedance Subwoofer with excellent bass response, for sound reinforcement in ambient music. Improves the bass content of music, offering deep and powerful bass, without distortion. Unique FONESTAR design, with stylized shapes and compact size. Available in white or black. It can be installed on the floor or wall and easily goes unnoticed in any space. Fully protected speaker. Various options for selecting transformer power and low impedance connection that allow it to be adapted to any installation. It incorporates a low-pass filter, which allows you to adjust its frequency response according to the type of music and characteristics of the venue. Bass-reflex reinforcement, which takes advantage of the rear radiation of the speakers to enhance the bass. Perfect for background music applications for the retail sector, bars, cafes, etc.

Expected date in 1 to 2 weeks

FEATURES: Subwoofer speaker background music applications. Excellent bass response, to reinforce musical content. Bass-reflex reinforcement system. Unique FONESTAR design. 100/70 V line transformer and low impedance. Installation on wall or floor/shelf. POWER: 120 W RMS (IEC 60268-5 Average Rated Power, 100 hours) SPEAKERS: 1 8'' polypropylene subwoofer RESPONSE: 47-300 Hz (-10 dB) @ FPB 150 Hz 47-400 Hz (-10 dB) @ FPB 400 Hz 47-650 Hz (-10 dB) @ Bypass IMPEDANCE: 120 W RMS @ 100 V (83 Ω) 85W RMS @ 70V (57Ω) 60W RMS @ 100V/70V (166Ω/83Ω) 30W RMS @ 100V/70V (333Ω/166Ω) 15W RMS @ 100V/70V (666Ω/333Ω) 7.5 W RMS @ 70 V (666 Ω) Low Z: 6 Ω SENSITIVITY: 85 dB @ 1 W/1 m SOUND PRESSURE: 103 dB @ Rated power/1 m SWITCH: W selector in high Z and low Z Low Pass Filter Selector: 150 Hz / 400 Hz / Bypass MATERIAL: MDF CONNECTORS: Input and output: Euroblock TEMPERATURE RANGE: Operation: -10ºC ~ 50ºC Storage: -20ºC ~ 50ºC COLOR: Black (RAL 9005) MEASUREMENTS: 545 x 150 x 337 mm depth WEIGHT: 9.4 kg ACCESSORIES: Wall fixing brackets Screws and mounting accessories OPTIONAL: POWERBASS-CMB ceiling mount