VINYL-13 Hi-Fi belt drive turntable

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Hi-Fi belt drive turntable FEATURES The excellence of the analog sound of vinyl, with a refined design that integrates into any space and with any furniture.

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Reclaim your precious vinyl collection and enjoy the unique experience that vinyl offers, with all its warmth and softness and integrate it into your Hi-Fi audio system. Its high-precision DC servo motor with rapid start/stop provides constant speed playback without large fluctuations, and its analog pitch adjustment allows you to select the playback speed you want at any given time. It has a straight arm with anti-skating control to prevent needle jumps and an adjustable counterweight from 0 to 4 g. Elegant aluminum plate with carpet. It incorporates a transparent dust cover to keep the equipment protected, which can be removed at any time. Solid construction in MDF wood covered with black PVC. Includes capsule and magnetic needle. APPLICATIONS For home use with Hi-Fi equipment. TECHNICAL DATA Precision DC servo motor with quick start/stop and auto-standby function Phono/Line Selector 2 speeds: 33 and 45 r.p.m. Pitch adjustment.

CHARACTERISTICS: Hi-Fi belt drive turntable. Precision DC servo motor with quick start and stop. Phono / line output selector. Auto-standby function after 20 minutes. Straight arm with slow elevation and descent. Adjustable counterweight. Audio Technica AT-3600 magnetic stylus compatible with FONESTAR 786-DST-W and 4034-DST-W phonocapsule. 2 speeds: 33 and 45 r.p.m. Pitch adjustment. Aluminum plate. MDF wood construction. Finished in PVC. POWER SUPPLY: 12 V DC, 200 mA with adapter included COLOR: Black MEASURES: 432 x 140 x 349 mm depth WEIGHT: 4.2 kg ACCESSORIES Audio cable 2 x RCA, 1.5 m Centering device for 7 '' discs Protective mat for plate Transparent lid